We may view all dogs as loving devoted creatures that would do anything to please their human companion but did you know some dog breeds go above and beyond the love meter? It’s frequently said that Dog is a man’s best friend. But these Most loving and affectionate and loving dog breeds go above and beyond with the love they lavish upon their humans.

Here are the Top 20 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds and Loving Dog Breeds:

1.  Brussels Griffon

loving dog Brussels Griffon

Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Weight: 7 to 12 pounds

Height: 7 to 8 inches tall ( at the shoulder )

Brussels Griffon naturally bred to hunt rats, Brussels Griffon the former Belgian street dog is a distinctive and somewhat unusual dog breed. lovely and lively, Brussels Griffon intelligence, sense of humour, and air of self-confidence keep him one step ahead of his people. Brussels Griffon’s attractive little dog steals the hearts of everyone he meets, and it’s a good thing too. Because Brussels Griffon wouldn’t be happy if he wasn’t getting care from everyone.


2.   Great Dane

loving dog great dane

Life Span: 7 to 10 years

Weight: 100 to 200 pounds

Height: 26 to 34 inches tall ( at the shoulder )

Great Dane, the mighty “Apollo of Dogs,” is total fun to live with. Known as the overgrown lapdog, the Great Dane gentle giant is as lovely as they come, often leaning on his person to ask for attention. Instead of his sweet nature, the Great Dane is a clever home guardian. Just the sight of this soft giant is usually enough to make intruders think twice.


3.    American Staffordshire Terrier

loving dog American Staffordshire Terrier pet goodie

Life Span: 10 to 15 years

Weight: 40 to 60 pounds

Height: 16 to 19 inches (at the shoulder)

American Staffordshire terrier may seem intimidating, but the American Staffordshire terrier tends to be a lover, not risky. The American Staffordshire terrier is an active, intelligent dog who usually likes people.If you don’t own one, this may come as a wonder to you but is known for being people-introduced and loving with a personality similar to that of the Labrador Retriever.


4.    Bichon Frise

loving dog Bichon frise petgoodie

Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Weight: 7 to 12 pounds

Height: 9 to 11 inches tall (at the shoulder)

The Bichon Frise is a relaxed, small dog with a love of mischief and a lot of love to give with his black eyes and beautiful white coat, the Bichon looks almost like a child’s toy. And it doesn’t take long to realize that the Bichon Frise can be your happiest and most excited Companion. Often seen as the epitome of the “lap dog,” it’s easy to see why 18th Century French kings were taken with this loving little dog.


5.   Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

loving dog Cavalier king charles spaniel pet goodie

Life Span: 9 to 15 years

Weight: 13 to 18 pounds

Height: 12 to 13 inches at the shoulder

The Cavalier’s all-around beauty, royal grace, and even temper mark him as one of dogdom’s noblemen. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel may be an aristocrat, but he happily descends from his royal high throne for a backyard frolic or a squirrel hunt. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel gets along happily with children and other dogs. The Adaptable Cavalier does similar well with active keepers and homebodies; the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an upbeat athlete or proudly couch potato, depending on an owner’s lifestyle.


6.   Bearded Collie

loving dog bearded collie petgoodie

Life Span: 12 to 14 years

Weight: 45 to 55 pounds

Height: 20 to 22 inches tall ( at the shoulder )

Bearded Collie is energetic, playful, and good-natured, this animated breed is famous for the “Bearded Bounce” abounding yo-yo leap that represents his energy, carefree attitude about the world. Often called the “happy herder” because of his bouncing appearance, Bearded Collie loves to care. He smiles when he greets you says it all “I Don’t Know You, But I Love You”


7.  Italian Greyhound

loving dog italian greyhound

Life Span: 14 to 15 years

Weight: 6 to 15 pounds

Height: 13 to 15 inches tall ( at the shoulder )

A miniature of the large-size greyhound, this doe-eyed dog would rather be giving kisses then winning a competition. The Italian Greyhound is sweet-natured and soft, yet also hopefully playful and player. This war attention seeker, the comfort-loving dog can generally be found basking in the sunlight or snuggled into soft furniture, often hidden under a bed cover, pillow, or towel. When you own an Italian Greyhound, you need to see where you sit, if he’s not sitting on you.


8.    Chihuahua


loving dog chihuahua pet goodie

Life Span: 10 to 18 years

Weight: 3 to 6 pounds

Height: 6 inches to 9 inches tall ( at the shoulder )

This funny little bug’s favorite place: Right by his keeper! Good thing he’s understandable. Chihuahuas can often be wary of strangers, but if you’re his human he loves you a lot. The Chihuahua dog beauty includes his small size, outsize personality, and variety in coat types and colors, as well as his total love of his owner.

If you’ve never bought a Chihuahua, you might see him as snarly and unapproachable. But, when alone with his keeper he is a total cuddle buddy. do not let its size stupid you, these dogs are the keeper of a great personality, are tearing tender clever, sharp, and very lovable this dog became popular because it was the most favorite mascot that many celebrities had in their purse it is characterized by its large eyes short hair and small size they can live for twelve to twenty years weigh no more than six-point six pounds and can measure about nine inches for these dogs. there is nothing good than being with their keepers and showing them all their love and care if you’re thinking about buying one.

keep in mind that they will always follow you everyplace and be very alert to what you do. they are saved by Nature, so despite its size, it will always seek to help you and take care of your house but often they can become very possessive and if they are idle too much they can become heavy, stubborn, and very nervous. These precious beings are of Mexican origin and are sure to come from Tajiki, a breed of dog bred by the Toltecs in central Mexico. The Chihuahua is a favorite dog to have as a friend is not very wide space and has a loyal and energetic relationship with its master because of it’s good playful and affectionate appearance but yes its behaviour changes according to the environment around it. It is known as one of the smallest breeds in the world and they can measure about a length between 6.29 and 9.0 five inches almost with a weight of up to 6.6 pounds amongst their variations you can find long hair and short hair in the case of short-haired Chihuahua it is referred to always have it with a sweater on. Since he can easily get cold and ill it is such a tiny breed that it is featured in the Guinness record as the little dog in the world Milly a Chihuahua dog from Puerto Rico won the award. The smallest adult canine in the world measuring 3.77 inches in height is a really little fella.


9. Labrador Retriever

loving dog Labrador Retriever

Life Span: 10 to 12 years

Weight: 55 to 80 pounds

Height: 21 to 24 inches ( at the shoulder )

Labrador Retriever is faithful, obedient, social, and intelligent. Labrador Retriever is known for his soft, loving disposition, making him among other things a good service dog. The beautiful, lovable Labrador Retriever is America’s most famous dog breed. The Labrador is a friendly, zealous, and high-spirited companion who has more than enough love to go around for a family seem for a medium-to-large dog. Labrador Retriever is a family dog it will always do its best to please you and even shows angriness to strangers.  Labrador Retriever always show excitement and are somewhat hyperactive but if they are well trained there will be no serious problem in addition to all this,  Labrador Retriever is receptive dogs so if you’re not feeling good or upset they will notice and do what they can to make you happy they will not stop following you until they gain it due to the great character  Labrador Retriever is also used in treatment as a guide dog in rescue purposes and in the police Corps for the inquiry of wrong objects like gun and narcotics because it is easy to teach and treatment.


10. Golden Retriever

loving dog golden retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the most famous dog breeds in the U.S. The breed’s gentle, tolerant attitude makes him a fabulous family pet, and his intelligence makes him a highly capable working dog. A soft, calm nature is the hallmark of the Golden. He was bred to work with people and is eager to make his owner happy. The Golden Retriever is generally used for therapy work due to his friendly attitude toward everyone, even unknowns.


11. Yorkshire Terrier

dog loving yorkshire terrier

Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Weight: 4 to 6 pounds

Height: 8 to 9 inches tall ( at the shoulder )

It is known as one of the tiniest dogs in the world. The Yorkshire Terrier can measure between seven and eight inches and weigh up to six pounds. this effective breed is characterized for being cheerful Home living intelligent, protective, and Lovable. it suits all kinds of families and likes to be close to playing, to be petted, or any activity that has to do with its keeper, it also doesn’t shed much hair. It’s ideal for people with allergies however it is essential to teach it properly since it has bearable behavior and can get into the nature of barking too much which can be exasperatingly and your neighbors.


12. English bulldog 

loving dog English bulldog

Life Span: 8 to 12 years

Weight: 40 to 50 pounds

Height: 12 to 15 inches tall ( at the shoulder )

English bulldog breed is soft and affectionate and likes to have a lot of contact with their keepers and ] creates very strong links with them so it is essential to have a lot of time to give them the care they need. English bulldog puppy can live from eight to ten years old methods up to 55 pounds and measure between 12 and 16 inches it is ideal for all kinds of human it gets along well with offspring as English bulldog  is a very patient pet it’s also great for older people since it generally walks at a slow race and does not need long walks or numerous physical exercise English bulldog also has good contact with other animals so there will be no problem if you already have pets although the English bulldog is super lovable and will not shy to show you its excessive love every time. English bulldog  can become very attentive and it is essential to educate it accurately because it’s a puppy so that it does not get a safe attitude.


13.  Dachshund

loving dog dachshund

Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Weight: 16 to 32 pounds

Height: 8 to 9 inches tall ( at the shoulder )


Dachshund is simply recognizable by its elongated small body and little legs; dachshund was naturally bred to hunt small animals such as rabbits or foxes but today it is known as one of the most lovable breeds dachshund can live from 15 to 16 years old and weigh up to 32 pounds. The dachshund is personalized by being cheerful, fun, and very playful in this owner. there is nothing that can stop it because if it wants to run and get zealous you will not be able to stop it. dachshund adapts to any family but has brave and stubborn behavior so it needs energetic and hard givers. they also have to be used to socializing so they do not take a bad attitude in the future unexpectedly the great lover. Dachshund will always go after you, requiring love and attention but if it is not well educated they can become very bad pets. Dachshund canine specimen reminds us of a tasty sausage it is literally called the sausage dog it has its origin in Germany initially the dachshunds were used for hunting of vermin whose aim was to protect the barns of the rats and to avoid big plagues this puppy has a curious characteristic has short legs that make it look like a dwarf dog something like Thumbelina the smallest horse in the world but no it is its nature it is a very playful friendly dog and Thumbelina conquers the hearts of those who come to know it it is even very clean that’s worth gold it measures an approximate of six-point sixty-nine to nine-point eighty-four inches and can weigh up to nineteen points eight pounds if you are looking for a dog with these characteristics the sausage dog is perfect for you also look at them they are super tender.


14. German Shepherd 

dog loving german shepherd

Life Span: 10 to 14 years

Weight: 75 to 95 pounds

Height: 1 foot, 10 inches to 2 feet, 2 inches tall ( at the shoulder )

German Shepherd is used in the army for its obedience and easy training but these are not it’s only characteristics. German Shepherd is also intelligent, brave, loyal, and very affectionate. The German Shepherd has a lifespan of 9 to 13 years old, weighs up to 88 pounds, and can measure from 21 to 26 inches. it loves to be close to its keeper and will do anything for him. from offering its unexpectable love to save him from any threat but for this, it is essential to educate it great and socialize it from a young age so that it is an expert pet that gets along good with everyone even with children German Shepherd generally somewhat suspicious of strangers but it never becomes rude unless it notices an attack.  It is also used as a lead rescue dog and can be an excellent Guardian for children or even for your home.


15. Maltese

loving dog maltese

Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Weight: Up to 7 pounds

Height: 8 to 10 inches tall ( at the shoulder )

Despite its little size, Maltese is very zealous. It is characterized by being a puppy all its life span. since they will always like to play especially if there are kids in the house. It adapts simply to any kind of family and environment including apartments in the city. This dog can live up to 15 years, measures between 7 and 10 inches and weighs up to 9 pounds. The Maltese are brave, happy, and affectionate but sometimes it is somewhat shy. It likes to be in the company of people and other pets including cats once it adapts to a family it never gets separate from them. it is also very likely that it chooses keeper from the house and follows it everywhere but the good thing is that it is maintained since Maltese does not like to monopolize the care either despite being a spoiled dog it has a great quality to learn and follow orders if it has been well trained. In addition, it doesn’t need many physical needs and it will be enough to take it out once a day but it is necessary that you spend time playing with your keeper.


16. Pug

loving dog pug

Height: 10 to 14 inches tall at the shoulder

Weight: 14 to 18 pounds

Life Span: 12 to 15 years

While many dogs of small size pretend to be somewhat annoyed by anything but the Pug is a different case it is characterized by being happy, loving, attentive and loving dog breed is a good friend for both adults and children because they are also zealous. Pugs can live from 12 to 15 years, measure from 9 to 12 inches and weigh up to 23 pounds. Pug loves going out with its keeper to walk go grocery and even travel but it’s essential to give it time and care in addition to being loyal to its family because they tend to develop nervous problems if they are separated from their keeper with this little one you’ll always have lots and lots of enjoyment because they are very naughty and will always find a way to be mischievous.


17. Newfoundland

loving dog Newfoundland

Life Span: 8 to 10 years

Weight: 100 to 150 pounds

Height: 1 inch to 2 feet, 5 inches tall (at the shoulder)

Newfoundland dog has a great appearance, is reliable, loyal, sharp, always full of energy and above all affectionate, no doubt an ideal pet for the family. Newfoundland is characterized by having a hard black coat. It can live from eight to ten years old weighing 121 to 155 pounds and measuring up to 29 inches. it forms such strong contact with its keepers and is so attached to it that the bad thing that could happen is that they abandon it so it is essential to consider if you are thinking of adopting if this is a dog for life nor do they simply adapt to other environments to which they are not accustomed they always look for ways to make happy its owner or family and can be super creative when it wants to make them feel better or have fun with them, in addition, it can coexist well with other pets and has endless patience.


18. Boxer 

loving dog

Life Span: 10 to 12 years

Weight: 60 to 70 pounds

Height: 21 to 25 inches (at the shoulder)

Boxer is a big breed dog that may be able to scare less for its personality but you can’t suppose how lovable and playful it can be. It has 10 to 12 years of life on him and can reach up to 26 inches in height and weigh about 44 and 66 pounds. Boxer possesses great energy so it can spend hours outdoors playing with its owners and even with other dogs it doesn’t need much health care a few hours of exercise and accurate diet will be enough to keep it strong and healthy this is why it’s ideal for active people who like sports and the outdoors generally it’s somewhat non-sense for that reason one must have a strong hand with it. It is important to teach it well since some can learn to dominate their keepers. It is a loyal dog that loves to be caressed and pampered by its keepers being paid attention and owing with respect. It is very close to the people who take care of it and also are very distrustful of strangers that is why it must be trained to socialize from the beginning.


19.  Old English Sheepdog

loving dog old english sheepdog

Life Span: 10 to 12 years

Weight: 60 to 100 pounds

Height: 21 inches and up (at the shoulder)

Old English sheepdog the shaggy coat isn’t the only unmistakable trait of the old English sheepdog he loves a good snuggle not only that when you’re not lounging around the old English has no problem competing in conformation obedience agility and hurting trials besides all that he’s intelligent fun-loving and easy-going


20. Affenpinscher

loving dog affenpinscher

Life Span: 12 to 14 years

Weight: 7 to 9 pounds

Height: 9 to 11 inches (at the shoulder)

Affenpinscher also known as the monkey terrier due to his large dark eyes and protruding lower jaw and lip this little fella is alert, loyal, and affectionate. The affine pincher may do well with children but due to their high prey drive small rodents are not recommended in the Athen pinscher household


21. Irish wolfhound

loving dog Irish wolfhound

Life Span: 6 to 8 years

Weight: 115 to 180 pounds

Height: 32 to 35 inches (at the shoulder)

known as the gentle giants of the dog world the Irish wolfhound has a big heart is loving and sensitive despite his large size males can exceed weights of 155 pounds the Irish wolfhound moves with a graceful gait however because he is also a sighthound keep in mind that he may use his speed to zip away when he catches a glimpse of something chasable

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