Do you love a peaceful environment yet want to own calm dog breeds and mellow dog breeds? As we all know some dogs are canine than other animals although this will depend on many factors especially education and socialization. In the canine world, there are many outstanding working dogs who have been specifically bred to fulfill tasks such as tracking hunting herding, or guarding.

But in this day and age more and more we all love spending time with our canine best friends by going out and playing fetch but given the busy lifestyle the world offers, it becomes hard to give out dogs their deserved attention but don’t worry! there are scores of dog breeds who do not demand 24/7 focus on themselves and don’t make a mess of your living space due to their high energy levels a calm dog perfect fits for you such dogs are rarely aggressive and are friendly around both children and adults.

Before starting you must know that the calmest dog breeds are often large-sized dogs however in our classification. We aim to find a balance between large medium and small sized doggies so you can have more options to choose from while searching for your ideal dog. We were receiving many questions on which breed of dog is the calmest? So finally we made it simpler for you. Here are top best calm dog breeds and Quiet Dog Breeds

Following are the Top 30 Best Calm Dog Breeds | Quiet Dog Breeds


1) Greyhound

Italian Greyhound

We know they are like the fastest dogs alive and therefore might not sound like a calm dog but they’re one of the calmest dogs. These beautiful dogs greyhound’s inverted shape has fascinated poets and painters for centuries. This breed is made for running and therefore have an aerodynamic head this breed usually weighs 65 pounds they can grow up to 30 inches in length. Although they need plenty of exercise. They are calm when at home. They love to relax beside their human companion and enjoy being pampered. They have a gentle and independent character that easily draws people to them. They enjoy quiet and peaceful environments and love stretching their legs outside a few times a week. They love pleasing people but they are also fearful and sensitive. Training them isn’t hard since they are obedient and willing to learn. Greyhounds have short coats which makes it easy to groom them.

2) Labrador Retriever

loving dog Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in existence smart, highly trainable, and extremely adaptable the labrador makes a quite wonderful family companion quick to learn new tasks and ever eager to please its owner this friendly easygoing labrador retriever is a great choice for active people who love the great outdoors.

This breed is known for its kind nature. They are affectionate and find comfort in being around people! They are easy to train at a young age. If you’re looking for a dog for your home a labrador retriever perfect addition to your household. However, they can be quite lazy and will constantly need to walk around for exercise purposes labrador retriever a one of the kind gentle, and noble breed

3) Skye Terrier

Silky Terrier

Sky Terrier is a calm, friendly, and joyful personality. The Sky Terrier marvelous connection with the individual owner making it ideal for single people. Sky Terrier is adaptable and happy to participate in obedience and agility training.

4) Saint Bernard


A gentle giant dog this big fluffy dog is so calm sweet and patient around people they use to help the Italian monks in their hospice work. They instinctively act as guardians to children when no one is around. This breed does well in cold conditions saint bernard weighs typically around 140 to 180 pounds and reaches about 35 inches in height. St. Bernard is a good-natured kind and obedient dog. They can be the perfect companion for children and are considered by many to be a nanny dogs due to their protective instinct they are relatively easy to train as well as intelligent and loyal.

Saint bernard is one of the kindest and calmest dog breeds you’ll ever meet. Think about space and dog food carefully before bringing St Bernard home. They need a lot of food and also a large space to stretch themselves. If small kids are in the house watch the interactions closely due to its enormous size the saint bernard might unintentionally hurt them while being playful. Saint Bernard are patient and gentle though they are stubborn at times. Although they’re gentle and don’t bark a lot when they do it can be loud and deafening. They often need to be taken for walks to keep their energy levels up and to make sure they don’t get overweight. They are easy to train intelligent loyal and obedient.

5) Bulldog

loving dog English bulldog

Bulldogs are the best they are genuinely sweet pets that love home life and adapt well to any lifestyle. Though they delight in taking a walk with their owners, They also love to stay at home and enjoy the environment at home. They make good guard dogs and are loyal and faithful. They will alert you if they see something unusual or strange. They have good relationships with strangers other pets, and children. English Bull Dogs are genuinely sweet pets that love home life and adapt to any lifestyle known for their gentle disposition, loveable personality, and signature wrinkles. Bulldogs may not be able to fit in your lap but they are content relaxing by your side any hour of the day. Bulldog is a very robust and corpulent dog and grows very attached to their human companions their morphology prohibits strenuous exercise so they tend to be calm. Despite the bull dog’s appearance, they’re perhaps the most docile, calm dogs that exist.

6) Golden Retriever

loving dog golden retriever

One of the most popular breeds in existence today is the beautiful golden retriever. In the past, The Golden Retrievers were used as hunting dogs before they found their way to people’s hearts due to their calm and obedient nature. The Golden Retriever appreciates a good time with its owner, watching TV or playing. Extremely social and friendly towards people. These dogs make marvelous companions who are great with children bright cheerful and eager for life. Golden Retrievers are wonderful dogs to have around their natural knack for retrieving objects and for swimming makes them particularly fun active companions for playmates or children. They are fast learners and love pleasing people. They’re calm cuddly and trustworthy pets for the whole family

7) Spanish Mastiff

Spanish Mastiff

Spanish Mastiff is a large and strong breed they have been used to guard livestock in rural communities. They are calm and have a loving nature despite their large size they do not bark much and have a balanced and Noble character

8) Bullmastiff


As a result of a cross between a bulldog and a mastiff, this patient and a calm dog has both breeds best traits it is smaller than a mastiff making it better adapted for smaller places than his close cousin but still weighs around 130 pounds. This breed is known for its outstanding guarding qualities and for being a total sweetheart this breed can also be calm and prefers to lie down mostly. These dogs are considered gentle and quiet and devoted to their family. Males do not always tolerate other male dogs, but they are good with children if raised with them

9) Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastif

This giant and profoundly wrinkled breed has used its appearance to ward off intruders since the time of the early roman empire. This majestic breed is nothing but sweet caring and remarkably calm from the inside being natural guard dogs means that they are devoted to children what made this breed join this list is. With its loyal and graceful personality, a mastiff can gain weight up to 150 pounds and might prefer a larger living space. The Neapolitan mastiff is very useful at home. They are very devoted to their family and one unique characteristic about them is that height become suspicious of strangers and that makes them suitable and reliable for being guard dogs. The downside is that if you’re a clean freak keeping this Neapolitan Mastiff will annoy you because they drool a lot.

10) French Mastiff

French Mastiff

What do you get when you mix the words french and mastiff the answer is pure joy and happiness this breed is the oldest of all the French breeds in his famously loyal confident loving and all-around sweethearts although being on the heavier side and weighing around 110 pounds this breed can move like a lion when the duty calls

11) English Mastiffs

English Mastiffs

if you want a giant breed that is super relaxed lazy lovable gentle and happy just to be a mellow chill out companion then the English Mastiff very well may be for you.

12) Great Dane

Great Dane e1596093268636

The largest breed in the world and yet these athletic dogs are very gentle giants so excel in the companion role Great Danes are sweet and affectionate. Due to their intelligent and patient nature, the Great Danes are loved by many. They usually walk slowly so they can be good for less active families or those who enjoy leisure walks. Although they do not need to run too much they will need three walks per day to provide exercise as well as interact with their wider environment. They are one of the big breeds and are the tallest of the calm breeds. Apart from that, they have this tendency of rubbing their calm nature on people and that makes people want to be around them all the time. The Great Dane is friendly, dependable, and safe for children. They get the right training they can be exceptional around babies by playing with them and at the same time acting as a guardian. They are well mannered and calm around people, animals, and non-canine pets. Moderate amounts of exercise daily are recommendable for the Great Dane to interact with their environment although these dog’s appearance belies his calm and affectionate personality. Incredibly large but also inexplicably calm goofy and loving if you have space to bring one home you would never regret it.

13) Newfoundland

loving dog Newfoundland

In mellow dog breeds, we have a giant dog who looks fairly intimidating but has an extremely well balanced and gentle nature. The Newfoundland weight can go up to 175 pounds was bred to retrieve fisher nets and save people from drowning in the cold oceans off the shores of Canada.  Newfoundland is one of the ancestors of today’s labrador. They are also very protective over the people they love and defend them when they sense danger. They tend to drool a lot, hence frequent cleaning is recommended around the mouth area to avoid odor. They do better in cold weather than in hot weather. Newfoundland is very easy to train creatures they do shed a lot. Even though they are large and might be assumed to be aggressive and harsh but when it comes to their calm settled character. Newfoundlands are very gentle, affectionate, loyal, and caring. They are friendly and amazingly good with other dogs, pets, adults, children and enjoy being around them. Shaggy giant surpasses even the popular labrador now.

14) Pugs


Pugs we tend to think of small dogs being the most nervous but this is not the case with pugs. They’re one of the calmest small dog breeds. They can have respiratory problems during exercise so they need to remain calm inside and out of the home above immensely kind even tempered and entertaining little pug extremely social and loving pugs are amongst the most adorable toy breeds on the planet funny and entertaining they are absolute sweethearts.

Pugs are very laid back and love to please their owners not only do they get along well with everyone they seem to love every one other dog included pugs have a tendency to agree even complete strangers like long lost friends these are fantastic companion dogs and a wonderful choice for novice owners who are looking for a fun-loving happy-go-lucky first of life kind of dog breed that will just chill out when you need it to and make amazing companions in the home and are recommended for those who live in apartments.

Pugs are known for being playful, social, bold, and willing to please. They love to show off but at the same time. They are calm, loving sweet, even-tempered, lively, friendly, and homely get attached to their owners. They love attention and often do anything to draw attention to themselves so you had a bad day well worry no more! since your pug is here to save the day. This dog is attentive to its owner’s mood and will do anything to make you smile on your rainy days. As they become older they become calmer and make amazing companions. They don’t need grooming all the time but extra care for the part where their skin folds is necessary. pugs are docile pooches that bark very little. They don’t like daily exercise routines and they don’t thrive in hot weather conditions. It is a small calm dog and is perfect for apartments pugs are a total joy to be around with the goofy actions these dogs also love sleeping and therefore don’t ask for constant attention making them all over a calm breed. It’s pure joy to have them by your side along the way.

15) Bloodhound


Hailing from the United Kingdom. This breed can weigh around 75 pounds they are 15 inches in length. Bloodhound is very calm and docile. This small dog is a total joy to be around they are not reserved about their feelings and will openly show how loving and affectionate. They are particularly patient with children animals and even strangers. They are obedient and easy to train but they do not tolerate being left alone very well this can lead to separation anxiety so it’s very important they are well educated. There are other dogs breed not on this list there are many mixed breed dogs which are very calm and composed we recommend going to a shelter to adopt and explaining you’re looking for a calm dog to suit your lifestyle and temperament also remember that our own personality can influence our dog’s well-being so we need to be sure we do not promote Restless behavior in any dog in our care we also need to provide proper training and education programs.

16) Basset Hound

Basset Hound

The basset hound is the perfect dog breed and it being friendly and caring their favorite pastimes are eating and sleeping well. They will need mental stimulation they’re not the most playful brief special care is required for their long ears shar-pei in general the sharp pain is using a calm and friendly dog. They do not have the highest exercise requirements. They love spending time at home with humans although they tend to be more independent than most breeds. One of the most disciplined, reserved, and respectful breeds are the basset hound. They do well around other pets dogs and children. Basset Hound are prone to back injuries because of their long backs therefore, children should be taught how to play with the dog to avoid straining their back. They drool a lot so regular grooming around the mouth area is necessary to prevent a bad smell. Special care is also required for their long ears! Basset Hounds’ favorite hobbies are eating and sleeping. They can be their common patient nature makes them good company for kids and they are a good fit for the apartment lifestyle thus putting them in the medium calm dog category.

17) Shar Pei

Shar Pei

If you’re thinking of adopting a Shar Pei it’s vital you consider their coat hygiene as their skin pools can promote bacterial and fungal infections. Shar Pai is one of the most calmest dog breeds also this dog breed doesn’t need high attention

18) Chow Chow

Chow Chow

They are about as active as house cats and are happy with a short daily walk. They require early socialization and training in addition to regular grooming.

19) Akita Inu

Akita inu

Akita Inu is a dog of Japanese origin with a stable character however they are not recommended for first-time owners since they can be dominant with other dogs proper socialization is imperative for this breed they also have high exercise and play needs blood hunt as with other breeds

20) Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus

The Shi Tzu is one of the smallest amounts of calm dogs! Shi Tzu Obedient and trusting lap dogs. This breed is fond of sitting on your lap. You will regularly find it on the owner’s lap resting and wanting the owner’s attention. Therefore they showed their affection to everyone be it children adults or even other dogs. A normal-sized Shih Tzu is very strong and muscular but also friendly. Grooming has to be regular because of its long fur however, exercises don’t have to be regular for them a normal run around the house is enough. They do better in cold weather than in hot weather. Shi Tzu is bred to be companions. While they enjoy short walks, they are generally just as happy romping around your home.

21) King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed comes from the united kingdom and weighs around 18 pounds. Amongst all the small breeds popular today this is one of the most friendly and easygoing breeds in the world. If large and giant breeds are not for you and you are looking to get a sweet and affectionate small dog then consider the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Ones spaniels lack their terrier’s tenacity the small bulldog types breed stubbornness and the chihuahua’s highly energetic natures which makes the Cavalier King Charles spaniel the ideal pick for senior owners as well as for people looking for a calm relaxed yet small canine companion. You can also call this breed your loyal fun-loving and affectionate best friend because they are just that this breed is patient and eager to bring a smile to their human bodies. An adaptable and easy to train breed, The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is compatible with the city. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is playful and loves being small dogs sitting on laps and cuddling making them perfect for families and children

22) Pekingese


The sweet friendly and extremely social Pekingese. This mellow companion with its long luxurious coat comes in a small size but has a heart large enough to embrace all people and pets in the household. They are independent and intelligent while remaining affectionate and devoted to their owners though they are small, Pekingese are courageous family dogs.

23) Bichon Frise

loving dog Bichon frise petgoodie

Tiny cute silky white-haired and calm what more can you ask for.

24) French Bulldog

French Bulldog

They are active without being rowdy and are happy to spend their time indoors and on your lap. French Bulldogs are prized for their personable and affectionate nature.

25) English Toy Spaniel.

loving dog Cavalier king charles spaniel pet goodie

Meet the smaller version of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which originated in east Asia this breed is so friendly and calm that they don’t make good guard dogs but that should not deter you from having a toy spaniel. They’re calm and reserved with strangers yet playful and friendly to their owners! They’re are loved by their owners because they’re faithful and loyal to their family and play the role of a lapdog. They don’t need a daily exercise routine but can survive on walks around the house.

The English Toy spaniel requires bushing twice a week but apart from that they’re very easy to maintain. This breed has so much to offer including unquestioned loyalty deep love and absolute affection. This dog has a long history of being owned by royals like queen victoria an average english toy spaniel can weigh up to 14 pounds making them an ideal match for you if you live in an apartment.

26) Leonberger


Here’s a loving easy going and easy to train dog. They’re people pleasers and strive to be friendly even to strangers. They make good gurard dogs are very athletic and strong, and enjoy daily walks with their owners. This is a big dog that weighs around 200lbs. The Leonberger needs to be groomed weekly or when it’s shedding.  Leonberger’s temperament is one of its most essential and distinguishing characteristics. They are friendly loyal eager to please and incredibly calm making them a real family dog. This breed weighs around 170 pounds they are not overly sensitive to noise and are well composed in the city environment

27) Scottish deerhound

Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhound is closely related to Irish wolfhound and is very similar to greyhounds in overall appearance this dog is specially adapted to the cold environment an average hound can grow up to 30 inches in height they can weigh around 100 pounds it is the dog’s exceptional temperament that brought him to this list this dog is a gentle boy with a friendly aura all around him.

They’re one of the tallest calmest dogs although outside they love to chase anything that moves, indoors they are very gentle and peaceful. They’re independent but also love attention. You’ll find them around their owners most of the time. Scottish Deerhound needs to take long runs or walks daily for exercise. They also need brushing and trimming twice a week to help get rid of stray hairs. This should help you as you look for the type of breed that will suit you. Some may be a little hairy than others a little aggressive than others just make sure you take care of your little or big furry friend for a blissful life together

28) Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

Notice the great in the name well this beautiful dog deserves that it is a big dog but it’s gentle to its core thus earning him the moniker of a gentle giant this dog was bred as a guard dog and he still hasn’t retired from the job description ever ready to protect his human bodies this breed is courageous loyal independent and they don’t demand attention all the time this breed typically weighs around 150 pounds while reaching 30 inches in height

29) Bergamasco


Originating from bologna’s Italian city. The Bergamasco loves fun and enjoys games! They do well as watchdogs but don’t rely on them so much to protect you and your family because they are not very aggressive short intentional walks will help this Bergamasco with its energy needs! If you’re looking for a jogging companion, then Bergamasco isn’t suitable. This breed is characterized by being easy going calm loyal and intelligent this breed is easy to train but they can act a little stubborn when things don’t go their way these dogs are non-aggressive by nature and therefore don’t really bark unnecessarily but still prefer to be the only dog in the house these dogs usually weigh around 8 pounds they can grow up to 11 inches in height. Ready to become a part of your family and love you to death. Bergamasco is the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor dogs meaning that they are confident in all types of situations and therefore don’t overreact to anything making them really calm dogs.

30) Clumber spaniel

Clumber Spaniel

Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire England where they were first bred. This beautiful breed is famous for being super calm and loves just sleeping around in the house these dogs are cuddle buddies and will find any reason to cuddle up in a blanket and be total couch potatoes this dog usually reaches 20 inches in height they can gain weight up to 85 pounds.

31 Sussex spaniel

Sussex Spaniel

This breed is probably the calmest spaniel ever known for being adaptable to any lifestyle their owners give them be it a city or rural life they are amazing around children and can be a fierce protector of their families. Sussex Spaniels don’t mind being around people and their loving and calm nature makes them the right candidate for therapy and mellow dogs.

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