First of all, I’m here for that How to stop dog barking at neighbors. it’s vital which you don’t get mad at your dog, as tempting as that can be. The dog is merely being a dog and doing what most dogs do.

It is a natural phenomenon of them to bark not all the time, but most of the time. Here, the question arises why dogs yell at neighbors who are living next to the door and How to stop dog barking at neighbors.

To prevent dog barking at neighbors first know Why dogs bark at neighbors:

Barking is a primary form of communication for dogs. For many houses and neighbors, a little

barking is not an issue but if you are living in hometowns, apartment complexes, or a

Condo, barking can become an issue quickly. It could be many reasons for their barking i.e

  • When a neighbor is walking across the road, and suddenly, he comes in front of your door, a dog will get threatened that somebody is entering into its territory, which makes him annoying, so it barks, and the pitch of sound increases when he finds him suspicious.
  • When a dog sees his neighbor for the first time, and he is not familiar with that person, he barks.
  • If a dog is looking outside through the window, he sees the neighbor house is decorated with fancy lights and a piece of loud music is on, he gets startled to know what is happening at their place. So, it gives him excitement to bark with noise.
  • Dogs need attention, they get pissed off when somebody doesn’t pay attention to their activities, and then they cry because they are attention seekers. They like being amused by others.
  • When two neighbors are talking and laughing with much noise, dogs get irritated; then, he eventually barks at them.
  • If a dog wants to play with other dogs and wants to entertain itself, so he embarks to bark and wants to join them at once.


Dogs are often barkier at home because they’re protecting their territory. The trouble is, your neighbor isn’t an intruder – He’s your neighbor!

Here is a story from Wikipedia “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time“.

How to stop dog barking at neighbors:

First of all, How to stop dog barking at neighbors. let your dog meet with your neighbors, make him well aware of incoming and outgoing, and make him friendly with them. If he is unaware of them, he will get upset and will find them, strangers. Please do not yell at your dogs or force them to stop barking. Try to use this word enough for them so. Whenever he hears this word, he will abruptly stop yell, reward him with some treat, and cuddle him. Start only to give treats when your dog looks at you in the presence of your neighbors. You can stop here if you like – you just taught your dog to look at you in exchange for a treat when he sees the neighbors! This behavior will teach him not to bark at his neighbors every time he sees. Let know your neighbors beforehand that they will be meeting your dog and that the purpose is to help the barking stop, then concentrate on making it a friendly and positive encounter for both sides. The problem is, most dogs bark because they’re excited, aroused, or upset. Each of these tools might stop your dog from barking (because barking hurts, makes the room stink, or produces a scary sound). But they also add stress to your dog’s life. A right solution for this kind of barking is to block the dog’s view with a fence, some screen, or some privacy bushes and trees. If the dog can’t see you, they are less likely to think of you as a threat.

 Why dogs bark at strangers

It’s an instinct of a dog to bark at strangers because he is not familiar with them. I want to explain it by giving an example, we all love our home, and we are used to it. If somebody knocks at the door which we don’t know, we become curious who is that person. Similarly, dogs get familiar and love the place where they used to live once, and if they find someone strange, they become alert! A dog has a very keen sense of smell to make sense that the person’s scent could be off-putting to the dog.

When a dog first interacts with someone, the first move they make is to sniff. If the smell is acceptable to the dog, then the interaction goes well. You might notice this at a dog park where a dog will first go up to another and smell them before deciding to play with them. Some dogs like to meet new people and get excited to play with them. But some dogs don’t want to socialize with others because they were not socialized with them in the beginning, they bark at them.

Why dogs bark at each other:

Barking alone is a relatively crude communication. Dogs love to play with other dogs. They like to share their bond with others and like being accompanied by other dogs. They also get startled when they see another dog enters its territory; they get alert and start barking at the other dog to protect his family and house. Dogs bark when they find the other dog is barking at his owner, so he also barks towards him in response.

Some dogs don’t get along. Rather than wasting energy fighting and risking injury, dogs assert themselves by barking. A bark of aggression is low, quiet, and prolonged. A growl often accompanies it. If your dog bares its teeth, you know it means business. If you are safe, you should take control of your dog and remove him from the situation. Dogs get attached to their homes if you take them to another place for living, they get homesick, and they keep on barking for a few days till they get used to the new location. In forests, wild dogs go with their pack; if any of them gets away, they start to bark at each other.

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