Most Lazy Dog Breeds and low maintenance dog breeds for people that live sedentary or inactive lifestyles which could be for a variety of reasons. None of which are bad that’s your decision to make some people want to be out doing 10 hours of exercise a day some people want to come home and just be able to cuddle on the sofa. The most important thing is that you choose your dog based on energy levels, temperament, trainability, and different characteristics rather than the dog slots.

You may not have the energy to keep up with one of those hyper ones that bounce off the walls whenever you come home at the end of an exhausting day the last thing you want is a canine kid yapping at you and bouncing on you to take them out no it’s great to have one that you can snuggle up with on the couch and watch television or read a book and you love having a dog that likes to sleep as much as you do.

One of the most common reasons dogs end up in dog shelters and then, unfortunately, end up euthanized is because people choose a dog based on their look and they haven’t studied a dog breed that fits their lifestyle and if you have a really high energy dog breed with a sedentary lifestyle and people just can’t cope and unfortunately have to give them up. If you are not a fan of exercise then a lazy dog may be exactly what you need. So the most important thing is you should research these different dog breeds.

Here are the most independent lazy dog breeds:

Bull Mastiffs


Although the huge and heavy-sized bull mastiff looks brutal and ferocious in reality this dog is a super kind, friendly and loving companion. low energy dog. early training is essential to avoid behavioral issues. brushing every other week will help keep their coat healthy. plus, a regular walk is recommended to keep these dogs fit. Bull Mastiffs are the ultimate kind of giant these dogs might be a bit on the sluggish side but they are also courageous and faithful to their owner. Although they’re a very large dog. Bull Mastiffs are not energetic and do very well in an apartment. These dogs are also affectionate and love cuddling.

Bichon Frise

loving dog Bichon frise petgoodie

Bichon Frise will get short explosions of energy followed by an extreme nap this is one of the lazy dog breeds that will require a couple of short walks during the day. They’ll consume their energy while outside and afterward come in and twist up on the couch with you.

Japanese Chin


Japanese chin originally bred as lap dogs Japanese Chin’s are all the time up for a cuddle and not much else they are very sociable but are not likely to get excited about going for a jog or playing a game of fetching the Japanese Chin’s idea of exercise is jumping up into people’s laps and staying there.



Pekinese bred to live in the palaces of ancient China the Pekinese will gladly reign over your house from your couch their life’s purpose is to provide amusement and companionship and while these petite pooches are serene most of the time you can let them try their paw at canine sports as long as you let them do it at their own pace. Pekinese is not fond of exercise at all their short bow legs make it hard for them to run around so they are most open to relaxing lounging on laps. Training is a task with this breed because of their lazy, stubborn, and self-independent nature.


Miniature Dachshund

Dachshund short thickset legs are the biggest reason why they make lazy dog but great lap dogs they enjoy walks but a session of indoor ball chasing is enough to provide adequate exercise but these pooches are very exceptionally obstinate and may not generally always be extraordinary family dogs. Dachshunds are frequently considered one of the low maintenance dogs due to their small stature, these dogs are simpler to train and handle with short legs, long bodies, and droopy ears. The Doxie is a cute and affectionate buddy. These dogs require minimal grooming and exercise however dachshunds are generally considered a Healthy Breed careless breeding and improper care could bring in a number of health problems including Thyroid, Spinal Disorders, and Respiratory issues. So ensure you choose a reputable breeder in case you’re considering adding a dachshund to your family.

French bulldog

French Bulldog

French Bulldog the affectionate bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds among apartment dwellers aside from their compact size these bat-eared dogs do not need a lot of outdoor exercises although they enjoy participating in canine sports their flat faces mean that they shouldn’t be allowed to exert themselves especially in hot weather. French Bulldog is a low-key and patient dog that doesn’t require much exercise. French Bulldog dogs don’t shed a lot and the sleek short coat is very easy to groom. Healthwise, these dogs are prone to many problems that could be eradicated with proper breeding and care.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus

Shih Tzu though their name means lion dog you won’t see the Shih Tzu hunting for prey in fact you’ll most likely find these little charmers lounging on couches around the world bred to warm the laughs of ancient Chinese royalty this popular breed doesn’t need much outdoor activity and excels at being a cute house companion.

Irish Wolfhound

loving dog Irish wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound the tallest of all dog breeds is also one of the laziest once employed in big-game hunting Irish Wolfhounds now make the calmest and most agreeable canine companions as adults these gentle giants can become couch potatoes if allowed to a regular exercise will keep them in the pink.

Great Dane

Great Dane e1596093268636

Great Dane another giant pooch the Great Dane is calm cool and lazy they don’t need much exercise and would prefer dozing to dancing and a catnap rather than chasing the cat.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow

the Chinese Chow Chow is a big canine companion that loves to snooze seriously loves it these fluffy small dogs can sleep more than 20 hours a day if you let them they do love to snuggle too so go ahead and curl up with your pooch and enjoy some together time.



Pugs are low shedders and get along well with children which makes them an extraordinary family dog. They Don’t require a huge of exercise few minutes every day strolling is sufficient to keep them healthy. They’re quick learners that make training a walk in the park. Pugs are generally healthy however overindulgence could prompt weight, Diabetes, and a wide range of health issues. So keeping an eye on your Buddy”s weight is vital. being a lap dog is tough the poor little pug has no choice but to lay in your lap on your head or any place else they can find they do like to play some of the time however only when they feel like it which is just a single time in some time except if you can captivate them with food.

Basset Hound

Basset Hound

basset hound let’s face it this possum pop even looks lazy with their droopy ears eyes and jowls their short legs don’t look like they’re going anywhere fast actually when they are not on the scent trail you will find them sleeping just about anywhere you can think up and some that you can’t.

English Bulldog

loving dog English bulldog

this muscular pooch may look furious but they are really just about the laziest pooch you will find they are truly gentle and cuddly and most of the time would rather lay on the floor or anywhere else they can flop than do anything else except to eat they do like to eat too. English bulldog a real good all-rounder in all three of these categories that were kind of looking at excellent temperaments lovely fun characters with low energy and love nothing more than sleeping and relaxing. They are very reactive to people if they’re coming close to your house or unto your property so you will get them barking.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Do you have a desire for a perfect loafing companion? Then owning a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Elegant, intelligent, and loving, this French doggy is easily trainable and generally healthy. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel even though most spaniels are very energetic the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel likes to be lazy maybe it is because they have pug genes somewhere in their background or probably it’s because they’ve got a royal name that gives them the objective that they must wait on either way this is lazy. They like to take quick walks but are most pleasant curling up on the couch with their companions. loving and gentle, Training is a task with this brief since of their sluggish idle stubborn, and self-independent nature. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a good choice for a small family, apartment individual interested in lazy dog breeds.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Boston terrier is one of the best carefree and casual dog breeds. This dog could be happy and cherish as a couch potato. Friendly and easily trainable.  The tuxedo coat is low shedding and effectively controlled by normal brushing. What else could be better than this? Also known as the American Gentleman, Boston has a goofy character and can have a feisty attitude like their terrier ancestors. Early training and socializing are much necessary to avoid social issues. Boston terrier dogs are mostly healthy and attentive breeds but are prone to certain health problems like cataracts, cherry eyes, allergies, and patellar luxation. Boston Terrier is a breed that can adjust to any living environment they love people and are not difficult to train however would prefer not to do that and just lay around all things considered. These dogs only need short walks and would rather spend the rest of the day cuddled up on the couch against their owners.

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs with large dog attitudes to love spending time being lazy. They are friendly but will assert dominance over anything that comes into their homes even if it means getting off the couch. They can sometimes be energetic indoors and dash around the house but most often, They aren’t.


loving dog chihuahua pet goodie

In case you’re searching for a little dog that is not difficult to keep, this itty bitty dog is a safe bet. Chihuahuas can be your ideal pocket-sized lap dog. Try not to get tricked by the tiny size as these dogs have a big personality. Chihuahuas are low shedders and have an insignificant grooming need. A short everyday daily walking is sufficient to keep them fit and in good shape.



Maltese is an ideal example of a low-maintenance dog that has it all! They are very easy to train and have minimal shedding if Maltese dogs cared for appropriately. Also, these dogs prefer to lounge all day with their owners which makes them incredible pets for busy people. Moderate daily exercise is sufficient to keep this dog healthy and fit.



Although high in energy, this dog is quite low in maintenance. Active, cheerful, and clever, intelligent, happy. Beagle is well known for its friendly temperament. This Breed’s snuggle-able size makes them the perfect choice for those who want a low-maintenance dog. The Beagle dog breed is normally thought to be a healthy breed.

Border Collie

The Border collie is an affectionate, smart, keen, and energetic dog. An ideal cuddle buddy for super busy owners. This dog breed is generally healthy and strong. Very simple to train and fairly low maintenance. Moderate exercise is enough to keep them healthy.

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